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Environmental commitment

The cork tree is a natural lesson and our inspiration in this matter. Besides producing oxygen through photosynthesis (as plants do), it has a unique cellular structure that allows the cork tree to capture an incredible amount of carbon. It’s estimated that a cork tree forest can capture about 6 tonnes of CO2 per hectare per year.

PORTUGALIACORK wants to make sure eco-friendly practices are an integral part of our production process. By 2030 we aim to have a zero-waste policy implemented and fully operational.
Our production processes are being continually streamlined to meet the goal of our environmental commitment. Combined with the 2025 plan to achieve self-generated electrical power, this would allow us to reach carbon-positive status in a near future.

Environmental commitment process

Post production leftovers reduction

It’s crucial we invest in new, innovative uses. Cork can be repurposed as packaging, isolating material or substrate.

Natural alternative

There are fields where cork can and should replace synthetic, toxic materials. Our R&D department is continuously looking for this opportunities.

Renewal energy

We are happy to announce that before 2024 PORTUGALIACORK will implement solar power as an integral part of our energy policy.

Single use plastic reduction

In our day-to-day operations we are striving to reduce plastic use by implementing environment-friendly alternatives.

As we continue to grow our business, we want to develop even more eco-strategies that align with our values and goals. Though ambitious, the implementation of these measures will greatly enhance the overall production efficiency in the future while keeping the environment safe and a top priority.