wine capsules

Wine Capsules

A unique decorative element to be put over the neck of bottle, our capsules offers a perfect final touch for any bottle. With a wide range of customization possibilities (color, printing, embossing, etc) this is an element that allow enhance your brand.

Capsules are divided in 3 different segments: PVC capsules; Polylam capsules; and Champagne capsules. Each type of capsule offers a different range of properties and the choice of the most suitable capsule should be made according the usage requirements. Our expertise is available to help our clients choose the best capsule for each situation.

wine droppers


This product will allow you to pourer your favorite wine or liquor, olive oil or vinegar and avoid you to spill a single drop while and after finish serving.
This product is constituted by 2 parts, a high quality metal dropper and a cork stopper (natural or agglomerated).
Natural corks are 100% natural and they are obtained from the best Portuguese cork.
Agglomerated cork stoppers are manufactured from natural cork granules of high quality through an extrusion process or a single moulding process in accordance of the standards of the International Code of Cork Stopper Manufacturing Practices (ICCSMP).

bottling machinery

Machines and accessories

Our company offers a wide range of machines and accessories for the production, bottling and storage of wine and liquors.

Our wide selection include corking machines, capsulating machines, bottle filling machines, bottle washers and cellarets among other useful products, bath for the most professional winery as to the amateur wine producer.

All of our equipments are very user friendly and easy to use.



Age your wines, liquors, whisky and other beverages with our top quality barrels, handmade according the highest quality standards and quality control. Our barrels are done with the best quality wood of French Oak or Chestnut.

To obtain maximum quality all our barrels are fire charred (for higher quality we do not use ovens in this process as it cannot obtain the same high quality as the char process done with real fire). Each barrel is charred to the perfect level and adjusted to the client needs.

Each single barrel is tested with water and air pressure to guarantee that there is 0% possibility of leaking. Unlike other producers who cover the leaks (with silicone or other equivalent products), when a leak is detected, the entire barrel is disassembled and produced again to guarantee that the impermeability is guaranteed by the natural cells of the wood and not by a lower quality repair.

Personalize your own barrel with your name, logo and many other details.