About us

Founded in 2005, PORTUGALIACORK born as an export branch for Baptista family cork business, a business with decades of tradition in the cork industry. PORTUGALIACORK took Baptista family products in a travel to reach the 4 corners of the world over the following years.2011 was a turning point to PORTUGALIACORK when we extended our first production plant, started to grow our amazing team.Since its humble beginnings, PORTUGALIACORK always had QUALITY as its main pillar. Our excellence opened us the doors to the most demanding clients, who in return rewarded us with their loyalty and support. Our International branches across the world, and presence in over 80 countries in 5 continents, couldn’t be possible without the loyalty and support of our clients to who we will be forever thankful.

Our projects

Portuguese government is supporting our growth by providing a grant for internationalization. Via a special project we are able to obtain funds that helps us increase our international presence and export capacity.

Visit IAPMEI website to learn more about Portugal 2020 Project.

Company data

Portugaliacork S.A.

Rua dos Alquebres 221

4500-027 Espinho




+351 227 440 944


VAT: PT 507 453 891