Sustainable cork products and materials for your business

Cork stoppers

Find a perfect cork closure for your bottle. Portugaliacork offers an extensive selection of different types of cork bottle stoppers. Choose from natural cork stoppers, colmated cork stoppers, agglomerated cork stoppers and many others.

Cork fabrics

If you are looking for wide selection of cork fabrics in different colors and patterns you are in a good place! Here you will find all types of cork fabrics in rolls. We are offering a wide range of high-quality vegan cork leather for sewing and furniture upholstery.
Cork granules
Obtained through a milling process, cork granules and cork substrate have a wide range of applications. Cork granules are an eco-friendly alternative for sports infill. Cork substate is used for animal and plant bedding.
Virgin cork

Natural and eco-friendly, virgin cork is an exceptional option to use as a decorative material for terrariums of reptiles, spiders, rodents and other animals. Raw cork helps to simulate indigenous tropical rainforest look and environment.

Cork rolls and sheets
Construction cork materials are a great solution for high quality and unique buildings. As a natural insulator, cork is a great choice for underlayment or exterior covering. Impermeability and fire resistance adds even more quality to cork materials while used in construction.
Cork balls
Cork ball stoppers for decanters are produced mainly from agglomerated and natural cork. Solid yet lightweight cork spheres can be used for yoga, pilates and body massage. 100% recyclable and non-toxic cork balls can be used for wide range of projects and applications.
Cork fashion
With privileged access to quality raw materials, Portugaliacork expanded its services by opening a production line of cork fashion accessories. We are producing cork handbags, small accessories and cork design pieces. We are specialised in custom white label production.
Cork yoga
Cork fabric is a great solution for cork rugs of all type. At Portugaliacork we are producing cork matts with natural recycled latex backing. Our cork yoga mats are 100% eco-friendly and vegan. We are also producing cork blocks and cork cylinders for yoga and pilates.

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Bottling from A to Z

Choosing the right cork stopper is crucial to keeping your wine fresh. With wide selection of closures we are able to meet requirements of even most demanding sommeliers and wine makers. Follow our bottling recommendations to pick the right stopper for your delicious, fine wine.

Not sure how to choose the right cork stopper? Portugaliacork specialists will help you select correct closure for your bottle.

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sustainable cork products

Discover Touch PRO cork fabrics

Portugaliacork in its portfolio offers wide range of cork fabrics with different technical specifications, colors and patterns. For sewing and upholstery we are recommending our Touch PRO collection which comes with soft and velvet backing support.

Cork fabrics Touch PRO have a wide application in apparel and furniture production. It is one of the most popular vegan fabric selected for production of female purses and wallets. Soft touch and flexibility allows our fabrics to be used in most rigorous production processes including specialty machinery designed for leather industry.