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Cork stoppers

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Cork fabrics

Discover wide selection of cork textiles


Cork substrate

Use cork as bedding for your orchids


Raw cork

Implement raw cork in your exterior design


Cork balls

We are producing all sizes and types of cork balls


Cork fashion

Produce with us your fashion brand

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Quality and Excellency

New use cases of cork materials require a thorough and precise quality evaluation. Therefore we have implemented rigorous Quality Control methods through every step of the production line.

Team Spirit

Each member of our family is selected, trained and supported. As a result our team has the most talented and dedicated people that will care for you and your business as we care for our own.

Innovation and Flexibility

We help businesses to grow by creating and developing unique products made of cork. Consequently, from wine cork stoppers to cork fashion accessories, our technical team has gathered years of experience.


Cork as a material helps us to prepare for a future of consistent material innovation and versatility. A future where human heart and skill are visible through the most diverse craft techniques.