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Cork stoppers

At Portugaliacork, we pride ourselves on our extensive selection of bottle cork stoppers. Our state-of-the-art factory in Portugal is committed to producing a diverse range of cork plug sizes and types that are suitable for a variety of beverages including wine, whiskey, champagne, tequila, gin and beer. Whether you’re looking for something classic or adventurous, we are confident that our selection has something to suit your needs.

Our offerings include a wide array of sizes and shapes, colors and finishes. This variety ensures that we always have something to suit your bottle stopper needs. Our website also features a cork stopper recommendation guide, allowing you to make an informed decision about the perfect stopper for your bottle.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us through the contact form below! We would be more than happy to provide you with a quotation or answer any queries you may have regarding our products.
Natural cork stoppers
Natural cork stoppers

Favourite choice for premium and quality wines. Gives a crucial contribution to the evolution and refinement of the wine during its aging process.

Colmated cork stoppers 45x24 mm A 3
Colmated cork stoppers

Lightweight and flexible. An excellent sealing solution for high quality wines with bottle aging up to 60 months.

Technical cork stoppers 1+1
Technical cork stoppers (1+1)

Technical cork stoppers are a type of stopper that combines perfectly with wines of medium aging time in bottle (between two and four years).

Micro agglomerated cork stoppers 44x24 mm 3
Micro agglomerated cork stoppers

High performance level at a very competitive price. Reliable solution for wines with a lifetime up to 24 months in bottle.

Agglomerated cork stoppers
Agglomerated cork stoppers

An excellent sealing solution for fast consumption wines and other beverages (up to 12 months). Presents good performance levels at an exceptionally competitive price.

Champagne cork stoppers 0+1
Champagne cork stoppers

Capable of managing the high pressure inside the bottle. Assures that champagne, cava, beer or sparkling wine will keep its bubbly freshness for longer.

PURE cork stoppers

An excellent choice for budget-conscious wine enthusiasts who still want the high-quality performance and traditional aesthetic of cork stoppers.

SELECT cork stoppers

Specially developed for fast consumption wines for a bottle lifetime up to 2 years, SELECT corks presents an exceptional performance at a very competitive price.

Capsulated cork stoppers (bartops / T-corks)

Can be extracted multiple times from the bottle without using a cork screw.
A perfect solution for bottling fortified wines, liquors, spirits…

molded corks
Moulded cork stoppers (phalanx and other shapes)

Custom developed for each bottle, moulded cork stoppers are a strong differentiator when it comes to a bottle opening experience.

conical corks
Conical cork stoppers

By customizing the dimension of the cork stoppers (length X top diameter / bottom diameter) we are able to create a cork that can fit in any non-standard bottle or jar.

cork bungs
Cork bark stoppers (cork bungs)

Made of 100% natural cork bark, this type of stopper offers a natural look as lid for all types of recipients such as jars and vases.