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At PORTUGALIACORK you are unique.
Highly skilled and detail oriented, PORTUGALIACORK team is here to deliver the best services and bring your projects to life.
Each member of our family is selected, trained and supported to make sure our team has the most talented and dedicated people that will care for you and your business as we care for our own.
With a modern and flexible production that covers all areas of cork industry, PORTUGALIACORK is a fully integrated cork ecosystem.

Technical Support

Do you have any question, doubt or do you need any technical advice? We are here to help!
Our Support Specialists are always available to make sure you receive the help and assistance you need.
Fill in the form here, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Product Development

Your vision combined with our knowledge can be the most powerful product development force in the cork industry. PORTUGALIACORK has the knowledge, resources and tools required to make sure your project is successful. The bridge that connects the gap between your dream and reality is PORTUGALIACORK

Private label & OEM

Original is better, right?
If you want to create or develop your brand we are here to help you.
From testing, product development, market trial to bulk production PORTUGALIACORK is here to take the journey with you.
Get in touch with us and discover how we can contribute to help your brand grow and evolve.

Joint Ventures

In PORTUGALIACORK, we see business partnerships as the most powerful win-win formula.

Our doors are always open for new partnerships to help shape and contribute actively to a better future

If you are interested in joining us, feel free to contact us through the form.